Do you want that Hardwood look, but have a less expensive budget? Well vinyl won't give you that hardwood feel but can give you that look, with great durability and less maintenance.

vinyl flooriing tile

Vinyl can come in a pattern to look like authentic ceramic tile. It works well if you are looking to put some new flooring in a room that needs durability at a less expensive cost.

Durability, durability, durability. If your floor takes a beating then vinyl sheeting is a great option. Vinyl typical come in 12' width and can last with the proper care.

modern vinyl sheet

Is your flooring out of date? Give us a Call Today and we can get you back up to date with all the latest Vinyl flooring styles.

Do you have an area in your home that is tracking to much water that is soaking into your floors? This is a common occurrence in many homes in the winter time, Vinyl will contain the water to the surface, not causing any damage.

sheet vinyl commercial

Vinyl works very well commercially due to its durability, stain-free and water resistant capabilities. If you have an office or workspace that gets lots of traffic, Vinyl could be flooring for you.