Hardwood is a great choice for your home, there is a large selection and it's a trendy choice of flooring. It comes in different species of wood and has a wide range of stain colors.

Hickory Hardwood

 If you have a rustic room and would like to keep that feel we can make that happen with our variety of hardwood options.

sweet memories series handcrafted oak

Wood on wood can be a great combination that really compliments each other in a room.

unfinished hardwood

Has your Hardwood Flooring seen better days? Maybe it's best days are still to come. We can refinish and refurbish all hardwood giving it a beautiful finish like you've never seen your floors before.

maple hardwood

Hardwood is a great feature and gives a lot to a home, however  there are times when it should be avoided. Spots where there is fluctuating  humidity or pooling water.

cherry hardwood

One thing that makes hardwood a beautiful choice for your home is each planks eloquent designs. Every plank of hardwood has different graining, giving each piece a unique feel.

Tobo floors