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Carpet design can be a huge factor when looking at doing home renovations, that is why we always recommend starting from the flooring up. We can bring you a variety of samples to help get you started on your room designs.

There are plenty of reasons that carpet is the right option to choose when changing the flooring in your home. It can act as an insulator as well dampens noise, it also give you huge selection of style and tone. 

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We understand the struggle of maintaining beautiful floors in a busy household. This is why we want to present the option of stain free carpet, it was engineered to not hold extra color blended into its fibre.

area rug.

Thinking carpet but can't commit? An area rug could be the option you're looking for. Maybe for the coat room? It could also be a nice option for those pets that are getting older and don't have those strong legs they used to.

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Stairs can be a nightmare when it comes to picking the perfect carpet. Transitioning from upstairs to downstairs is never easy, but contact us and we can help you make the transition perfect!

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Another important thought when picking out carpet is the type of fibre it is made of. Different fibre are ideal for specific situations, such as heavy traffic area's and the wear it can have on the carpet. Head to our Contact Page for more inquiries.