1. Budget

moneyInevitably when it comes to flooring, you’re going to need to spend a buck to get beautiful floors, but the trick is, stretching that buck as far as it will go. Essentially, it’s going to be less expensive to get your floor refinished as opposed to getting brand new hardwood. You should consider the amount of renovation you plan on doing; is it just the flooring? Or complete room renovations? Making sure you allocate enough of your budget towards flooring will save you the headaches down the road. Nothing is worse than having your beautiful renovations over-shadowed by poor quality material or workmanship to appease your budget. Flooring is expensive, but there’s a reason, a great flooring provider will not take shortcuts and will always stand by their work, which leads us into the next point.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

 hardwood ballroomA house becomes a home because of what you make of it. Do you feel like living in a home with all the latest and greatest trends? Or do you feel like keeping it old school? That’s the power hardwood can bring to your home. Did you love the way your hardwood flooring looked when it was brand new? Refinishing your floors is probably you’re best bet, even if you prefer a different color. If the home continued to change, as the floors grew older, it might be time to replace your old floors to accommodate the new look. Getting new hardwood in your home is a great opportunity to transform the look and vibrancy in your home. Here’s the beauty of hardwood flooring, if you choose to get new flooring or refinish your old, it’s going to make an enormous improvement.

3. Age & Environment

A major benefit of having hardwood flooring in your home is that with the proper care and ideal environment hardwood can last for ages. Any skilled installer will be able to inform us of woods susceptibility to the environment, especially the moisture. Through time and exposure planks will become worn and dull, with the problem being that it can only be fixed a limited amount of times.worn hardwood At a certain point in your floors lifetime, it will become inevitable that refinishing the hardwood is no longer a viable or long-term solution. Although that may be the case for some floors, an aged floor that looks awful still has an opportunity to be refinished and restored back to the original quality. To make the best decision make sure to explore your options and definitely identify the look you would like for your floors.

4. Solid vs. Engineered

Engineered Hardwood
Engineered Hardwood

This is a strong factor that should definitely be brought into the equation when considering the first step of your flooring renovation. Are your floors solid hardwood planks? If so, this means that you have an opportunity to keep the floor around longer, but limits the width of the plank. However that doesn’t mean that your engineered planks should be destined for the trash. Engineered hardwood is bought pre-finished, generally 8mm veneer of real hardwood allowing for minimal sanding’s, as opposed to the full solid plank of hardwood.

Solid Hardwood
Solid Hardwood

That becomes an integral part of the decision of whether you want, or are able to sand and refinish your floors Engineered hardwood is definitely more stable when choosing planks with a greater width. This should help you make a more informed replacement decision on the type of hardwood.

In Conclusion

No matter what you decide with your hardwood floors, it is going to greatly improve the aesthetics of your home. Hardwood flooring is a hot trend that many people seek when purchasing a new house, so improving the hardwood is an added investment in your homes value. There are pros and cons to refinishing or replacing and with this article we hope that we have enabled you to make a more informed purchasing decision. The most important thing of all, make sure you consult a trusted flooring specialist that will help you weigh out all your options that helps come to a decision that is best for YOU.

Hardwood Flooring: To Replace or Refinish? 4 Things You Need To Consider